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where are your hands eddie omg


Edward John David Redmayne

6 January 1982 | Happy 31st Birthday!

Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs Lovett


“I really want to bring out a range of ginger wigs. I think that I should have my own Amy Pond wigs to sell to people.”- Karen Gillan

“She’ll have a brilliant time, I’m very jealous of her starting out on that extraordinary journey, but, you know, keep your nose clean, watch your back! You’re suddenly rocketed into a world of attention, certainly unlike anything I’d known before, You just need to watch your back a little bit… But it’s wonderful. It’s such an exciting thing to be starting out on. I hope she has some good friends to hold her hand because it can be a bit scary when you get thrust into that level of attention, speaking from personal experience.”-David Tennant